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Welcome to my digital portfolio. I am a multimedia artist and activist that creates impactful agitprop that furthers progressive messaging to create a better world for all.

Below is a selection of relevant work samples. Thank you for your interest!

Earth Day 2023


I shot and editied these videos for Mighty Earth and Michigan United, showcasing a protest and rally

held in from of the DTE Enerey and GM World Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.

Defend Black Voters Coalition

I have worked with the Defend Black Voters Coalition, editing a year of protests and actions in Michigan.

Voter Surpression, A Horror Story

An action and "movie trailer" created in protest to voter suppression laws funded by big corporate dollars. The main offenders being General Motors, DTE and BCBS. This was shot and edited for the Defend Black Voters Coalition. We need corporate accountability now. 

“Climate change isn’t an ‘issue’ to add to a list of things to worry about, next to health
MLK for web.jpg

I have also created and maintain websites for the League of Revolutionaries for a New America, which you can view HERE and HERE.

You may also check out the rest of my website
that features my creative pursuits as a filmmaker and curator.

Maureen Taylor,

State Chair

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization

"Low-income communities often have limited access to modern technology especially in the realm of navigating social media tools. When Michigan Welfare Rights Org. was first introduced to this ‘tech wizard’ some years ago, that deficit was erased because he was willing to bridge the digital-divide gap. His skills are unmatched, his capacity to be inclusive is consistent, and his style is humbled and understated. There are few like Brandon in this field so we will always throw our support toward any project he is involved with knowing that with Brandon in the mix, success is guaranteed."

Em Perry

Environmental Justice Director

Michigan United

"Working with Brandon is a breeze. He's the kind of person that knows what you need and gets it done. He's also not afraid to ask questions to make sure that what he creates aligns with your vision and expectations. Brandon is creative, professional, and a fierce ally."

Randall Dibble

Digital Manager

League of Revolutionaries for a New America

"I've worked with Brandon in the production of internet websites, social media, and in building a Revolutionary distribution apparatus for digital content over the past five years. I find that he is dedicated to getting the job done.  He demonstrates initiative, creativity, and willingness to put in the effort to go beyond what's needed in order to be successful. He doesn't require supervision, just a clear set of goals. 
It's been a pleasure working with him in
"Fighting Forward for our Future."




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